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Incorporating years of experience in algorithm and firmware design, SEDA Solutions® has developed a number of products for increasing the efficiency of code development and execution.

SEDA Solutions® has developed multimedia signal processing products and programmable processor development tools for firmware applications in three main areas: Video and Image Processing, Voice and Audio Processing and Integrated Development Tools.

Video/Image Processing

The race to get multimedia applications to end-users has meant a surge of video processing developments in consumer products. At SEDA Solutions® we have established a team that has built a reference "C" model. The SEDA Solutions® team is capable of transferring and mapping specifications set by the standard bodies onto our clients' choice of processors and system design. SEDA's MPEG4 and H.264 video technologies are modified based on the application, profile, layer and the clients' targeted platform.

At SEDA Solutions® we have already identified and defined the Software/Hardware partitioning for a variety of MPEG-4 and H.264 video applications ranging from mobile telephony to high definition broadcasting. The functionality of these modules is defined in a high level environment, using C/C++ simulation and related documentation. These specifications are now available for designing co-processors or hardware accelerators. SEDA Solutions' ® list of hardware accelerators and/or coprocessor modules is defined below:

  • RGB to YUV Conversion
  • YUV to RGB Conversion
  • Motion Estimation
  • DCT / IDCT
  • 4x4 block transform
  • Quantizer
  • Inverse Quantizer
  • Interpolation
  • De-Block Filtering
  • Variable Length Coding
  • Post Filtering

Voice and Audio Processing
SEDA's Voice and Audio processing applications aim to enhance the quality of perceived signals. Our patented Flexpeech® compression technology can give as much as 17 times efficiency compared to standard 64000 bps digital techniques.

SEDA's MPEG1 Layer 3 Audio Encoder design (commonly known as MP3) has the lowest processing and memory storage requirement of any known encoder in the market today. The design can be on either floating point or 16/32 bit fixed point precision modeling.


Integrated Development Environment
SWEEP IDE, SEDA's integrated software development tool environment, is custom designed to meet the needs of engineers. The concept of SWEEP IDE was developed at SEDA Solutions® to provide a man-to-machine interface that speeds code development by creating a uniform and easy to use environment for software and firmware engineers. Currently, processor vendors have multiple cores which all have different development environments. SWEEP IDE enables the use of one development environment for multiple processor cores.

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