Corporate Overview
SEDA Solutions® Corporation is a software products and services company whose primary focus is System Engineering for DSP Applications. Founded in April 1998, SEDA Solutions® provides products and services in the field of telecommunications. More specifically, we apply our expertise to system design and software/firmware solutions based on the client's choice of processor.

SEDA Solutions® engineers custom based solutions for its clients in semiconductor and consumer electronic manufacturing so they may more rapidly meet the challenges of today's competitive high technology market. The company offers digital signal processing products and services in the following areas:

  • Algorithm design for Multimedia Applications
  • DSP Architecture design and tools

To enable our clients to achieve excellence by complementing and extending their in-house engineering, design and marketing capabilities through delivering innovative and expert solutions.

In the intensely competitive DSP arena, global leaders and up-and-coming innovators count on SEDA for unrivaled expertise, quick turnaround and utter confidentiality.

Since 1998, SEDA has built its reputation of trust by consistently delivering robust solutions and personalized service to the niche market for powerful digital algorithms, development tools and firmware processor port-over while scrupulously protecting our clients' privacy.

To provide even greater value, SEDA draws upon its years of industry experience and on-going staff research to identify market opportunities and advise clients on key decisions that can affect both short and long-term profitability.

While our name is seldom found on the final packaged product, our solutions have quietly created an enthusiastic following in the market and are used every day around the world.


Corporate Background
Building on a foundation of repeat business with each of its clients, SEDA serves a small selection of equally passionate clients through tight collaboration, communication and unified drive. Unwavering customer satisfaction continues to be the key to our ongoing growth and success.

SEDA Solutions® Corporation was founded in April 1998, by current President, CEO, and Board Member Dr. Ramin Soheili.


Management Team

Dr. Ramin Soheili - Founder, President
Dr. Soheili also serves as a Board Member of SEDA Solutions® Corporation. Dr. Soheili co-founded Algorex and served as Chief Operations Officer and Vice-President of Worldwide Operations. He was instrumental in building the engineering and corporate infrastructure. Dr. Soheili previously served as Business Development Manager at TCSI. In 1986 he received his B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from Kings College, London. In 1987 he completed his M.Sc. in Satellite Communications and in 1993 received his Ph.D. for his contributions to voice compression in mobile communications. Dr. Soheili holds numerous patents in compression technology.

Corporate Summary

  • Founded: April 1998
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Ownership: Private
  • Market: Telecommunications, Multimedia and Consumer Electronics


Doing Business with SEDA Solutions®

Business Model
SEDA Solutions® is a products and service provider to the telecommunications industry and manufacturer of consumer products. SEDA Solutions® has formed strong relationships with a select group of clients to ensure that requirements are understood and expectations are exceeded. SEDA Solutions® has built a solid foundation for the future by reliably delivering upon its commitments. SEDA Solutions' business model is simple - Deliver our expertise to client companies through:

  • Software Licensing
  • Firmware Development
  • Design Consulting Services
  • Maintenance and Warranty

Solutions Process

Phase I: Project Scope
Fundamental to the success of our business and that of our client companies is the need to fully scope all projects before entering into any contract. The first phase of any client relationship involves the assessment and analysis of client needs. Before the exchange of proprietary information, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are signed.

Phase II: Proposal
SEDA Solutions® will generate a written proposal taking into account detailed client needs and requirements.

Phase III: Statement of Work and Contract
With agreement upon the extent of the project, SEDA incorporates requirements into the statement of work (SOW) and contract. Upon entering into a contract with SEDA Solutions®, there is written agreement on the deliverables, milestones, fee for products and services, terms and conditions.

Phase IV: Design and Development
Throughout development of the solution, SEDA provides monthly project management updates and periodic design reviews.

Phase V: Delivery, Integration and Acceptance
Upon delivery, SEDA and the client company work together to ensure acceptance and satisfaction. SEDA actively participates in the integration of deliverables where necessary.

Phase VI: Support and Maintenance
Continuing support following completion of the projects are available via maintenance and support contract.

Policy on Confidentiality
At SEDA, we respect our clients' privacy. Proprietary information exchanged between our clients and SEDA Solutions® is highly confidential due to the business environment and importance of being first to market with unique value-added products and services.



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